About Dr Todd Metcalf DVM

  • Graduate of University of California at Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, 1980,.
  • Advanced training in Veterinary Acupuncture, Herbology, Osteopathic Manipulation and Nutrition.
  • Practicing veterinary medicine for over 36 years; adding holistic care for the last 17 years.

dr-todd-metcalfI attended veterinary school at University of California at Davis, graduating in 1980. I practiced conventional veterinary medicine and surgery for nearly 20 years. I developed an interest in natural health care as a consequence of my own natural care following an illness I acquired while in the Peace Corps. My illness was not responding to conventional medical treatment, yet it resolved after attending an holistic treatment program in Phoenix, Arizona in 1985. From there, my interest in natural therapies—of a wide variety—multiplied.

In 1999 I had the good fortune of meeting an human acupuncturist one day that brought his dog to me for a routine checkup. He had grown tired of treating people and had begun treating horses and dogs with the help of his animal-loving wife. He began showing me how he used acupuncture on animals, mentoring me in the basics of this ancient art. Like anyone who begins using this approach, I began seeing amazing and unexpected results in my patients, including in some animals with unexplained conditions, and conditions that were not responding to conventional care. In addition, a close family friend, acupuncturist, and animal lover began teaching me the use of Chinese herbs, from which I began to see more remarkable results.

Those experiences led me to seek more training specifically in advanced veterinary acupuncture, herbology, and veterinary osteopathic manipulations, as well as nutrition I continued to see wonderful and often unexpected responses in the animals. I am always learning and growing in the role of veterinarian, and as a person.

Credit Where Credit Is Due! — Gratitudes

Everything I practice I learned from those who came before me and gave of themselves, their gifts, and knowledge.

I am particularly forever grateful to Rod Raymond,L.Ac, and his wife Maggie O’Brien, that took me under their generous wings, getting me started in acupuncture and the use of laser therapies. Also, gratitudes to our dear family friend, Claire Heinritz, L.Ac, who helped deliver me into the use of Chinese Herbs (in addition to helping deliver our baby daughter).

Further thanks to Dr. Steve Marsden, DVM, whose research and creativity has literally revolutionized veterinary medicine’s ability to help animals through the use of herbs.Through his teachings, many vets are offering assistance to animals in ways that were previously unavailable.

Great thanks to my parents and grandparents for loving me and providing for me. Gratitudes to my wife, Dawn Nabors for her deep, sweet, unfathomable heart, and ongoing friendship. To my daughter Soleil for being courageous, enthusiastic, and for putting up with my parenting boo-boos.

Thanks to the people and friends who have given me invaluable guidance and love that have helped me along the way.

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